How to submit an article and information for the website

The Mentoring and Leadership Resource Network is proud to as a vehicle for sharing the experiences of mentors, mentoring program coordinators and university faculty who support new teachers in preservice or induction programs. We also are interested in mentoring research reports and program descriptions.

Our focus is to offer practical, practitioner-oriented information.

What We Do Not Want To Do:

We do not try to serve in a scholarly role, nor do we want to use information which is too theoretical.

What We Do Want To Do:

We do want to share information that adds to the knowledge base of best practices in new teacher mentoring and induction.

We want to support new mentors and experienced mentors who want to improve their practices.

We want to support the development of powerful mentoring programs and the refinement of existing programs


* descriptions of successful local mentoring programs
* critiques of mentoring programs and program approaches
* research on effective mentoring practices
* the lessons learned through experience and "action research" in mentoring
* issues, problem solving, and concerns regarding mentoring
* pilot programs or experimental programs
* trends in mentoring and induction
* school policy as it affects mentoring
* relationships between mentoring and other induction program components
* Relationships between mentoring and other improvement initiatives


1. The manuscript must address a topic which is related to one of the areas listed as a "focus" above.

2. The manuscript must be written for an audience of mentoring practitioners. That is, it should focus on informing actual mentor or mentor program decisions and practices.

3. The manuscript must minimize jargon, erudite terms, and an overly scholarly vocabulary or approach.

4. The manuscript must inform current practice. That is, it should address issues and topics which are of current interest to mentoring practitioners. If the manuscript is historical in focus, it should relate that information to current practices. If the information concerns the future of mentoring, it should relate that information to improvement of current practices.

5. The manuscript must be well written so as to require very little editing and few corrections. Avoid using bulletpoints or any kind of paragraph indentation. Submit all text in Helvetica or Times Fonts only; do not vary font sizes or colors.


When submitting articles for publication, please follow these guidelines:

* The article's title should be descriptive but limited to approximately 10 words or so. You may embolden the title, but do not use a larger font size, alternate color, or any other type of decoration.
* Use the APA style and reference format
* Article length can vary from 200 words to articles as long as 1000-2500 words. We do not use "wordy" articles or articles which use excessive jargon or obscure language. Be to the point and take the space needed to tell the story but be concerned for readers' decrease in interest after reading for a while.

Please contact us to get a submission address. Microsoft Word attachment or as plain email text following the above criteria.