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Asking other MLRN members questions on mentoring and induction

How the MLRN Member Group Email Discussion List Works

The following are examples of the use of the MLRN Member Group Email Discussion List. Here is how it works.

1. Any member with a mentoring question sends it to Richard Lange, an MLRN Executive Board Member.
2. Richard sends it to the entire MLRN membership via a group email system.
3. Any members who have ideas or comments regarding that question send the comments back to Richard.
4. Richard ONLY sends the responses to the person who originally asked the question.
5. That way MLRN members are not receiving tons of emails, perhaps for issues in which they have no interest.
However, we know you MIGHT have an interest in other MLRN members responses to these mentoring questions.

We will place selected discussions on the MLRN web site so any MLRN members can access these ideas and comments whenever they do have an interest. In that way, the MLRN knowledge base about what works in mentoring is continually built, and the access to that knowledge base is on-going, not fixed in one moment of time.

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