Computer Programs For Tracking Mentor Work

(posted February, 2004)

Original Member Request from Melinda Culver of Metro Nashville, TN:

What computer programs are districts using and/or having success with in terms of tracking the paperwork connected to their mentoring? I'm interested in knowing about:

1) documentation for mentor/mentee meetings for an accounting of time and global topics discussed that perhaps an administrator requires.

2) mini lessons or work plans that mentees can work through as part of the induction process.

MLRN Responses:

We have developed our own database using Filemaker Pro. It is housed on an
internal server, which mentors access on a school computer. Each mentor
completes an electronic form after the meeting takes place and includes
their name, and the name(s) of the Protégé(s) they meet. There are 16
topic areas, 6 types of meetings, and a space for the length of the meeting
between Mentors and Protégés. Information is easily accessible by me and is
used for program planning and improvement.

Barbara P. Hulver, Leesburg, VA

Our district doesn't use any kind of software to keep track of paperwork.
Documentation is done with simple checklists or anecdotal records. We also
don't have mini-lessons that we give the mentee to work through, although we
offer and encourage them to take new teacher introductory courses offered
through the district, our teacher center, and our union.

Cindy A. Pauldine, Oswego, N.Y.

Have you explored the wonderful line of products from ETS/Pathwise? There
are a broad range of documentation formats available in the Framework
Induction Program.

Kathy McFarland

One resource that Melinda might look at for mentoring work is the Charlotte
Danielson model for mentoring new teachers. It is loaded with rubrics,
ideas, accountability forms, discussion sheets, etc. Training is available
for this series also. You might look at ETS for this resource.

Ami Hicks, Carpentersville, IL