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Overview of Mentoring
Mentor Program Design & Refinement Issues
Mentoring Program Models
Mentor Training, Initial & On-Going Support
Resources for Mentor Programs
Information for Mentors & About Mentoring Practices
Orientation Program Strategies
New Teacher/Protégé Perspectives
Using Technology in Mentoring
Models for & Results of Meetings on Mentoring
Student Mentoring
Other Mentoring Applications & Connections

Overview Of Mentoring

What is the Purpose of Mentoring? by Lesley K. Petersen, February 2007
Collaboration Through Peer Coaching and Mentoring Institute for Educational Research -V.2 #3 Fall 1993
A New Teacher Mentoring Knowledge Base by Barry Sweeny, V.3 #2 Spring 1994

Mentor Program Design & Refinement Issues

Increasing Parent-Teacher-Child Communication for Beginning Teachers: S.O.S. Style by Julie Backes, Dennis Lamb, EdD, and Melanie Stier, December 2009
Say YeSSSSS to Collaboration: Transforming Collaborative Mentoring Relationships by Dennis Lamb, Ed.D. and Robbie Ludy, Ed.D., 2008
A Mentoring Process for New Teaching Staff Induction by Lesley K. Petersen, February 2007
Mentoring: A Win-Win Situation by Felicia Saffold, December 2003
Study Concludes That Schools Must Become More Complex if Social Standing of Teachers is to Improve by Brian Rowan V.4 #1, Winter 1995
New and Renewed: A Powerful Combination! by Gay Fawcett V.1 #3, Fall 1992
Incentives in Mentoring: Who Benefits? by Ami Hicks V.1, #2, Spring 1992
Formal or Informal Mentoring? by Barry Sweeny V.1, #2, Spring 1992
What Should A Mentoring Experience Provide? by Ray Dagenais V.1, #2, Spring 1992
Realizing the Potential of Mentoring by Barry Sweeny V.1- #1 Winter 1992
The Impact of Time and Place in Mentoring by Tom Gasner, from "MENTORings"
A Proposal for "Mentoring Program Standards" by Raymond J. Dagenias, from "MENTORings"
Metaphors For Mentoring: An Exploratory Study byTom Gasner, in the "Mentor" journal, published winter, 1997
Is a Good Teacher Always a Good Mentor? byGay Fawcett, in the "Mentor" journal, published winter, 1997
What are the Important Mentor Roles? byTom Gasner, in the "Mentor" journal, published winter, 1997
Characteristics of Successful Mentoring Programs by Barry Sweeny, notes from a meeting on May 1, 1998 of the Illinois Staff Development Council

Mentoring Program Models

Retired National Board Teacher Mentors Those Who Follow by Ann Liechty, April 2008
A Study of Faculty E-Mentoring by Luis M. Vilar & Olga M. Alegre, April 2006
Key Components of a New Teacher Induction and Mentoring Program
by Robin Dexter, William Berube, Alan Moore, Mike Klopfenstein, June 2005
A University Mentoring Program To Support First Year Public School Teachers
by Dan Doerger, Ed.D. December 2002
PDL For Teachers: A Reason To Stay by Leslie Jirsa - April 2002
Boston's Mentoring Program Operating Model by Nick Balasalle, October 2001
The Teachers for Chicago Program: An Alternative Certification Route by Ray Dagenais V.3 #1, Winter 1994
Mentoring News: Program Organization in Downer's Grove Illinois Judy Huizinga V.3 #1, Winter 1994
One District's Model for Teacher Induction...and Why It Is Working by Mary Clement V.2 #3 Fall 1993
Consider the Effect of a Mentor Program: Retiring Teachers by Ami Hicks V.2, #1 Winter 1993
Inclusion is a Habit of Mind by Ray Dagenais V.1 #3, Fall 1992
Mentoring of New Teachers In New Zealand by Mary Clement V.3 #3, Fall 1994
The Teach Program: A First-Year Teacher Mentoring Program byMara Jambor & Ron Jones, published in the "Mentor" journal, winter, 1997
Mentoring Intended Teachers in Cross-Cultural Classrooms By Ray Dusseau, October, 1998
Jacksonville IL Mentoring Program by Tom Smith, Assistant Supt. JSD 117, November 1998
Oak Park District 97 Mentoring Program by Jane Samuelson, Coordinator, November 1998
District 15, Palatine, IL Teacher Induction Program Carole Einhorn, January 22, 1999
Palatine District 15's Mentor Program: Opening Doors for New Teachers With the permission of Gordon Jackson, Editor. Originally published in the Illinois Education Association "Advocate", December 1998-January 1999 issue, page 8.
Why Is Mentoring so Important? - The Governors State U. Collaborative Program With the permission of Gordon Jackson, Editor. Originally published in the Illinois Education Association "Advocate", December 1998-January 1999 issue, page 9.
Addressing Preservice & First Year Teacher Needs in Georgia by Marsha Moore, posted April 2, 1999
A Good Start: Texas Districts Guide New Teachers With Mentors & Workshops By Katie Menzer / The Dallas Morning News, 09/20/2000

Mentor Training, Initial & On-Going Support

Tips for New Teachers Securing a Teaching Position
by Nicholas Harrington and Richard E. Lange June 2009
Mentoring Process for Kindergarten Beginning Teacher by Eun Kyung Hong, Chung-Ang University, Korea, February 2004
A Suggested Agenda for a Three Day Mentor Training by Barry Sweeny, V. 5 #2/3, Fall 1996
Sessions to Prepare Mentor Trainers by Ami Hicks Winter 1996
A Mentor Training Idea by Ami Hicks V.4 #2, Sum. 1995
Support, Support by Ami Hicks V.5-6 #1 Fall 1997
Generate Discussion: On-Going Mentor Training by Ami Hicks V.4 #3, Fall 1995
Dialogue Journals: A Mentor Growth Tool by Barry Sweeny V.2, #1 Winter 1993
Beginning Teacher Advisory Programs: Effects on Beginning Teachers by Brenda Mahler (June, 2001)

Resources for Mentor Programs

Support Materials for Mentoring V.4 #3, Fall 1995
Mentoring: A Resource and Training Guide for Educators V.4 #2, Sum. 1995
Mentoring Resources From the ERIC System by Ami Hicks V.2 #3 Fall 1993
Successful Grant Proposals by Ami Hicks V.2 #2 Spring 1993
Resources for New Teachers (and Their Mentors) With the permission of Gordon Jackson, Editor. Originally published in the Illinois Education Association "Advocate", December 1998-January 1999 issue, page 9.

Information for Mentors & About Mentoring Practices

Implementing Standards with New Teacher Learning Teams by Kristina Marzullo, March 2016
What Distinguishes a Mentor? Self-Reflection by Lesley K. Petersen, April 2007
The Good Teacher Mentor by Sidney Trubowitz and Maureen Picard Robins, September 2003
Mentoring Is... by Ami Hicks, V.0#1 Fall 1991
The New Teacher Mentoring Process: A Working Model by Barry Sweeny Winter 1996
Expert Vs Novice: The Mentoring Bridge by Ray Dagenais V.1- #1 Winter 1992
Advice to Beginning Mentors by Barry Sweeny V.1- #1 Winter 1992
Human Developmental Relationships by Ray Dagenais V.0#1 Fall 1991
Reducing Worry for New Teachers by Colette Henley V.4 #3, Fall 1995
Testimonial: A Mentor Reflects on His Own First Year by David Noskin V.1, #2, Spring 1992
That Thin Chalk Line: Mentoring Boundaries in Balance by Dale Pforr V.4 #2, Sum. 1995, and in the "Mentor" journal, published winter, 1997
Veteran Teachers Plan New Teacher Inservice Sue Junkroski Winter 1996
Lessons From Mentors in Cross-Grade and Cross-Subject Settings by Barry Sweeny V.2 #2 Spring 1993
Mentoring Emotionally Sensitive Individuals byMichael F. Shaughnnessy & Elizabeth Self, in the "Mentor" journal, published winter, 1997

Orientation Program Strategies

New Teacher 'Treasure Hunts" by Ami Hicks, Lynne Nolan & Collete Henley, Naperville, IL 9/99

New Teacher/Protégé Perspectives

Teaching is Chaotic; Learning is Messy By Stephen Krofl, June 2012
Colorful Lecturing in a High School Classroom By Stephen Krofl, June 2012
Urban Educator's Panel at National Louis Univsersity by Kelly Shea, April 2012
Gerunds, easy? Think again! How I dealt with a lesson I bombed, and what I learned from it by Michael A. Krallitsch, April 2012
Tips for an English Language Arts Student Teacher by Mark Patton, January 2012
Resumé Tips 2011 by Ryan Scharfer, November 2010
Collaboration Among Colleagues by Meghan Riley and Katelyn Stoner, November 2010
Cultural Predispositions in Teaching Practices by Edward Lake, September 2010
Tips to Address Questions and Concerns of a Pre-Student Teacher by Patrick Riley, August 2010
How My Support At Berlitz Shaped My Teaching Style by Ryan Scharfer, July 2010
Protege Reflections by Ami Hicks and Judy Huizinga -V.3 #3, Fall 1994
What's Wrong With Kristin?: Experiencing the process of becoming a teacher by Gay Fawcett, from "MENTORings"
'I'm Out of Here!': High Turnover Rate: Punctuates Importance of Mentoring Programs With the permission of Gordon Jackson, Editor. Originally published in the Illinois Education Association "Advocate", December 1998-January 1999 issue, page 8.
Guiding Lights: Mentors provide a beacon of hope to a rookie Texas educator By Colleen McCain Nelson, The Dallas Morning News, 01/22/2001

Using Technology in Mentoring

The Personal Portfolio of Professional Development: A Case Study in International Mentorship Research and Collaboration by John Ingram, in the "Mentor" journal, published winter, 1997

Models for & Results of Meetings on Mentoring

Report From a New Teacher Induction Conference: Shaping State Policy by Ray Dagenais V.4 #3, Fall 1995
A Regional Mentoring & Peer Coaching Network by Ami Hicks V.0#1 Fall 1991

Student Mentoring

Building the Future: A Chamber of Commerce Sponsored Mentoring Program for High School Students by Mary Clement V. 5 #2/3, Fall 1996
All Aboard: A Student Mentoring Program by Ray Dagenais V.4 #1, Winter 1995
Mentor Relationships and Gifted Learners V.3 #1, Winter 1994
Scientists, Scholars, and Students: A Student Mentoring Program by Peggy Connolly V.2 #2 Spring 1993
SPARK a Student's Interest in Science by Robyn Thomas V.2 #2 Spring 1993

Other Mentoring Applications & Connections

Resume Tips From A Recently Employed Educator by Trevor Fritz
High Expectations & Common Core by Michael Marzano, Aug 2012
10 of the Best Apps for Educators by Ryan Thomas, July 2012
Using Web 2.0 to help boost your Organization's On-line Presence by Patrick Riley, June 2011
The Great Exchange: Building Community between the International Schools and the Host Community by Edward Lake, November, 2010
Gaining Teaching Experience for Pre-Service Teachers by Richard E. Lange and Brian Roach, June 24, 2010
Tips for International School Teachers and Staff by Edward Lake & Richard E. Lange, July 2009
Learning From Mentoring in Business by Lynne Nolan V.4 #2, Summer 1995
Types of Peer Coaching by Ami Hicks V.4 #3, Fall 1995
A Shadowing Experience: Mentoring School Board Members by Cathy Gallenberger and Pat Wilder V.3 #3, Fall 1994
University Professor Becomes a Mentor in Order to Improve Her Graduate Methods Class by Richard Lange V.1 #3, Fall 1992
Student Teachers & University Supervisors: Describing a Mentoring Process By Jeff Winter & Neil Prokosch, "Mentorings" Spring 1998